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Experience Virtel

This portal provides access to free demonstrations of Virtel's Access and Modernization technologies. These demonstrations support a wide range of end-user profiles. The examples provided are :

  • VOYAGES - a multi-screen travel agent application that incorporates IBM CICS, COBOL, and VSAM.
  • TRADER - a trading application based upon the distributed IBM example
  • TSO (Time-Sharing Option) - a z/OS standard feature incorporating ISPF and other administration tools

Demonstrations for mobile devices are optimized for smatphones, tablets, etc. and browsers must then support HTML5 and CSS3 (suggested minimal versions are IE9, Firefox 3.6, Chrome 5, Opera 9.5, Safari 4.0), otherwise presentations may be degraded.
Demonstration scripts are provided for the VOYAGES and TSO examples.

Note: demonstrations other than those listed above are available on request.

Virtel demonstrations on workstations, tablets and mobiles

3270 access features

3270 screens on your workstation

Intended for workstations with full-size display and PKFs, such as PCs & Macs.

voyages demo trader demo

3270 screens on your tablet

Intended for mobile devices with full-size display but no PKFs, such as tablets.

voyages demo trader demo

3270 screens on your iPad

Intended for iPad only (consistent with Apple proprietary specs).

voyages demo TSO demo

Modernizing features

Full-size GUI on your workstation or tablet

Intended for workstations (PCs, Macs) and mobile devices (tablets) with full-size display.

voyages demo trader demo

Small-size GUI on your phone

Intended for mobile devices with small-size display, such as smartphones and PDAs.

trader demo

About Virtel

Thin-client browser-based 3270 terminal emulation
Modern GUIs for legacy applications

Virtel extends host applications such as CICS, IMS, Natural and TSO to thin-client web browsers over secure HTTP/S connections, while retaining their familiar screen user interfaces.
Virtel thus replaces aging 3270 terminal emulation installations and provides a welcome relief from the time and cost to support ever-changing client technologies.

Virtel also serves CICS, IMS, and Natural host transactions to thin-client web browsers as modern and user-friendly web pages to create a genuine web portal (GUI) experience.
Virtel is an attractive modernization alternative for host applications still relying on legacy screen interfaces, as it allows extending selected transactions in self-service mode to partners, clients, and untrained staff.

Learn more about Virtel on our dedicated website