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TBT EDI: a multi-protocol EDI translator in IBM i environment

TBT EDI is an EDI translation solution designed to simplify the automation of document exchange processes between companies. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to all business environments, and its "any-to-any" transformation engine manages the translation of EDI files from and to various international market standards (EDIFACT*, XML, GALIA, INOVERT, TRADACOMS, ANSI X12, VDA ...).

TBT EDI is one of the two components of TBT AES, IPLS' integrated solution for communication and EDI translation, along with the TBT400 file transfer solution. It can also be purchased and installed on its own.

*EDIFACT, meaning "Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport", is a United Nations standard describing the technical modalities of these exchanges, all industrial sectors combined: EDIFACT defines all EDI messages’ both syntax and content.