Syspertec Group Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) policy illustration

Corporate Social Responsability, at the heart of the Syspertec Group strategy

At Syspertec, we believe that success goes hand in hand with corporate social responsibility. We have continuously championed our key values (detailed in our ethical code) of professionalism, creativity, respect, solidarity and community in our workplace and among our various partners. Here are some examples of our commitment to these values.

Syspertec believes in its duty to give back to our community through charity work and green initiatives:

  • Syspertec regularly donates to non-profit organizations (Réseau Espérance Banlieue) and encourages its employees to participate in charity events such as the Cross du Figaro which helps fund research against rare genetical diseases.
  • Employees are accorded one paid day per year to participate in charity work.
  • Syspertec’s offices are powered by green electricity since 2018.
  • Syspertec employees practice recycling in the offices (paper, coffee pods and cans). A new recycling initiative is also taking place for used computer equipment.
  • Employees are encouraged to commute with environment-friendly vehicles such as bicycles and other green alternatives which are partially financed by Syspertec. Moreover, a charging station for electric cars (which represent 80% of company vehicles) is available in the company’s parking lot.

Syspertec is committed to maintain a relation based on transparency and trust between each of its partners. That is why Syspertec :

  • Imposes anti-discrimination and anti-slavery clauses in their contracts.
  • Gives utmost importance to respecting our suppliers’ payment deadlines.
  • Protects client data in perfect compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and organizes biannual meetings between managers and the Data Protection Officer.

Our employees are our most valuable asset, therefore Syspertec makes sure to provide all the support they deserve to perform at their best and advance their careers.

  • A unique mentoring system designed to stimulate skill-sharing and promote inclusivity.
  • Continuous training programs with annual one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Bonus income rewarded according to the company’s performance, company savings plan and annual gift certificates (holidays, sporting and cultural events).
  • Possibility (since the creation of the company in 1993) to work from home a few days per week to promote work-life balance.
  • Offices designed to promote well-being with annual company retreats into the French countryside.
  • Annual employee satisfaction survey recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute.