Syspertec group : Our story

Syspertec Group is a French software editor founded in 1993. Our solutions are focused on optimizing business processes.
Today, hundreds of thousands of users spanning 500 companies on all five continents use Syspertec Group software.

1993 - 1996

Mainframe – The birth of Virtel at the dawn of the Internet

With the arrival of the NCSA Mosaic web browser, access to the World Wide Web became democratized. Our founders understood that the Internet was about to change everything. However, they wagered that companies would not let go of their mainframes and the heavy investments they incurred.
This marks the beginning of Virtel whose core purpose will be to simplify the mainframe’s connection to the web and facilitate communication within heterogeneous IT environments.

1996 - 1998

Mainframe – 3270 emulation on browsers

There are now more than 36 million interconnected computers around the world, making the World Wide Web a phenomenal success. But more importantly, our founders made the right bet: more and more companies express the need to access their mainframe applications through the web.
That is why Syspertec Group develops Virtel Web Access: a light 3270 terminal emulator displayable on any web browser and that requires no installation, a significant breakthrough in emulation technology!

1998 - 2008

Mainframe – New needs, new challenges

The introduction of SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) allowed for more complex webservices to emerge. Making them interact with 3270 applications became a pressing need for companies. Syspertec Group devised a solution to this problem : Virtel Web Integration, all while registering growing sales for Virtel Web Access.

RegTech – The birth of Synapse: collecting secure data for banks

The 9/11 attacks and the war against terrorism put KYC and terrorist financing at the forefront of banking challenges. Syspertec Group senses that regulations against corruption and money laundering are about to become more severe.
Which is why we decide to create a brand new business unit: Synapse.
Synapse borrows from Virtel’s protocol conversion capabilities to allow secure and automated access to legal and administrative data (Banque de France and Infogreffe).

2008 - 2015

Mainframe – Adopting web standards

GUIs (Graphical User Interface) reign supreme on the web and in modern applications. The outdated look and ergonomics of green screens become increasingly difficult to impose. Thanks to Virtel Web Modernization, traditional 3270 screens are easily converted into modern webpages.

RegTech – The rise of data providers

The number of legal data providers grows exponentially, and Synapse becomes a multi-format and multi-source data aggregator. It allows financial actors to securely access more than 500 data bases such as Altares, Coface, and Dow Jones.

2015 - Today

RegTech – Tackling KYC automation

Complying to stricter regulations has a major impact in terms of productivity on operation teams. Hours, sometimes days are needed to process a single file.
Synapse develops a new feature that automates and simplifies data collection and decisions related to onboarding.

Mainframe – International growth and building services

Syspertec Group grows its global presence by entering a partnership with  Software Diversified Services in the US.
Moreover, in an effort to accompany its clients in securing their mainframes and ensuring their maintenance, Syspertec Group acquires  Blondeau  (maintenance of existing applications and training for new generations),  JVL  (distribution of mainframe software developed by third parties) and IPLS  (modernization solutions for IBMi systems).

And Tomorrow ?

We will continue to strengthen our RegTech department by continuously investing in R&D and recruiting new talents. Our core mission being to make our clients see KYC as an opportunity rather than a restriction.
We will always stay true to our original mission, which was to accompany companies in the usage and modernization of their mainframes.
We will also build up our presence overseas, mostly in North America where we are closely working with Vanguard, an American leader on mainframe security.