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Customer knowledge driven tools for the benefit of both banking institutions and companies seeking to fund their projects.

Synapse, legal & financial data broker

With Synapse, optimize the management of data collection and KYC processe :

  • Automate and control data collection from multiple channels
  • Choose to consult or directly integrate the information into your applications
  • Ease your credit score calculations for a better risk management
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Synapse: from data collection to scoring, for easier decision-making

Syspertec Group supports banks, financial institutions and more generally any company in the implementation of their customer knowledge tools. Thanks to a fast access to value-added information and a careful evaluation of their counterparties, financing professionals automate their rating process and thus optimize decision-making.
Thanks to its modular design, Synapse easily integrates existing business architectures and can be used on-demand. Driven by a dynamic and agile team capitalizing on the satisfaction of more than 140 clients, Synapse understands all projects, from the simplest to the most complex.
Along with Virtel, the mainframe interoperation tool, Synapse is one of the two main products developped by Syspertec Group’s team.

Shared access to multi-source client data

The legal and financial information aggregated by Synapse comes from the main data providers, partners of Syspertec Group: Banque de France (FIBEN, FCC, FICP or FNCI files), Infogreffe, Altares (Dun & Bradstreet), Ellisphère (former Coface ORT and SCRL ), CreditSafe, Experian pH, Infolégale, Scores & Décisions, LSSi… This non-exhaustive list evolves according to the specific needs of our customers. Synapse also makes it possible to dematerialize PDF documents in order to extract relevant information and verify their authenticity.
Synapse is the most complete solution for managing these multiple data sources: it centralizes the data supply via a single standardized flow which, from a technical point of view, trivializes the data source for a much more effective processing.

Cost-effective KYC information analysis

To better manage credit risk, Synapse dynamically analyzes the information received and exploits it to the maximum by avoiding unnecessary costs.

Centralization, automation and control of data collection from heterogeneous servers and physical documents

Provision of information according to the specific needs of each client: they can be consulted on a single secure web portal, in intranet mode, or directly integrated into business applications

Customizable assessment of creditworthiness: from automatic and rapid calculation of a score to the more specific advanced notation for a complete and reliable report