SysperTec Group overview

Betting that IBM mainframes would remain an essential element of corporate IT parks, SysperTec Group, French independent software publisher, develops software solutions to modernize legacy applications since 1993. Having extended its scope to the collection and processing of legal and financial data, the Group’s teams focus on constantly improving its software suites, integrating the best of new technology in their Saint-Cloud (Paris outskirts) labs.

SysperTec Group’s goal is simple: modernizing business information systems to meet new market needs, all the while minimizing the impact of technological developments on their existing architectures... In a nutshell, do better for less! 500 customers (mainly large accounts) spread over the 5 continents in banking, insurance, administration, services, industry and distribution sectors trust our solutions’ ease of use, flexibility and reliability, coupled to reduced costs and perpetual technological innovation.

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Reliance on standard technologies

Our solutions meet criteria considered to be fundamental among SysperTec Group development teams, including:

  • Information systems that can be enhanced without a complete overhaul
  • Reliance on universal technologies for long-term interoperability
  • Solutions based on standardized software development
  • Software solutions that are quick and easy to implement

With this positioning, we have developed software to meet targeted needs that are often complex, requiring the implementation of multiple technological skills.